Why Evangelicalism Needs to Separate from Cathangelicalism

My pastor said he wouldn’t join or sign the “Call to Come Out and Be Found Faithful” because he was an evangelical and wouldn’t separate himself from that label. The problem with his position is that evangelicalism now has two camps: those who would join with ecumenical, Catholic mysticism and those who refuse to join. Whether we like it or not, we are no longer a unified group of believers.

Just today the division was apparent in the Calvary Chapel churches as they separated into the Calvary Chapel Global Network and the Calvary Chapel Association. The separation that had already happened in their hearts became more apparent when Pastor Dwight Douville of Calvary Chapel Appleton penned his concerns about many things, among them the Cathangelicalism he began to see being manifested in Calvary Chapel churches.

At what point will all evangelical denominations have to make similar decisions? Every denomination has been tainted with those who are pursuing the ecumenical, Catholic, mystical Jesus. While I’m happy that Calvary Chapel has taken a stand and made a differentiation between the two groups in their association, I wonder if any other denominations will follow suit. The battle for the purity of the Gospel is real. Cathangelicalism has infiltrated nearly every denomination of evangelicals. 

This means that a pastor like mine can no longer say, “I am an evangelical and I won’t separate.” He must recognize that “evangelical” no longer means what it used to mean. In fact, my pastor IS pursuing Catholic mysticism. He promotes Pete Scazzero’s book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, (which is filled with Catholic mystics such as Ignatious of Loyola) and believes we need to be “bridge builders” with the Catholics. He also seeks the “Manifest Presence” of Jesus and is trying to lead the congregation into this pursuit.

The sad thing is that most of the congregation doesn’t even see any danger in what he’s promoting. They have no idea that they are being introduced to “another Jesus” and “another Gospel” because everything he says is shrouded in terms like “grace” and he gives sermons that are based on sections of scripture.

I can’t believe that the Lord has allowed one of these pastors to come to my small town and function right before my very eyes. But how will the little lambs throughout our evangelical churches, who love Jesus, even know there is a difference unless there’s a blatant separation? Unless a huge spotlight exposes the truth?

I would like to see faithful pastors and leaders call for a meeting to declare their concerns and take a stand against this influx of apostasy. There needs to be a shaking so that believers will know there are differences in the evangelical camp. They need to know there is DANGER.

I appreciate the stand that the Calvary Chapel Association has taken against Brian Broderson’s Calvary Chapel Global Network, but the entire evangelical community needs to take a similar stand. If most of the evangelical churches are going the way of Cathangelicalism, then a faithful remnant HAS to come out from among them and be separate. If we refuse to take a stand and the Gospel is corrupted (as it was for a thousand years during the Dark Ages), how will we be judged by history? How will Jesus judge us?


  1. Looks like it might be the Rapture itself that does the separating, but it did delight me to see Calvary take a stand on the issue. Evangelical seems to have lost its meaning everywhere. I don’t think that we have to guess anymore at what the one-world religion consists of; sadly, it seems to be spreading like wildfire. Take a look at how our new President’s cabinet is shaping up… I was just reading about it as you were posting this article. https://truedsicernment.com/2016/11/29/trumps-jesuitcatholic-transition-team-responsible-for-making-cabinet-appointments-and-policy-decisions/#comment-35407

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    1. Whoa…I read the comments on the link you sent. Unfortunately, it was either Hillary or Trump. Many of us were between a rock and a hard place. My husband was shocked by the post at True Discernment. Perhaps you’re right…the wheat and the tares will be separated when Jesus comes. I just wonder if I would have been deceived when I was younger in the Lord. I have such a concern for the little lambs and that there is no clear path for them. They’re caught up in a maelstrom of deception and it seems as though nobody is there to lift a wing or make a peep on their behalf. Although I have to say that I appreciate the pastors associated with Moriel Ministries, such as Bill Randles and David Nathan. It seems like Moriel is becoming an ark of safety for many of us who are concerned with the apostasy we’re seeing in the church. Thank you for posting the link to the article. Bless you, Hope! 🙂

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      1. it is great to see those searching for truth in His Word, but remember it was Yahweh who sealed the door on the ark not Noah or man. We are to seek His guidance through His Spirit in all truth. The Bereans check Paul’s word to see if they were true, so shall we check all man’s words to see if they are in line with scripture, amein!

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