The Faithful Church

The Faithful Church is the church that stood on the Bible as God’s Word. They didn’t compromise the truth. They loved not their own life, even unto death. They were the HEROES of history. They’ve made up nearly every underground movement. They opposed tyranny and injustice of all kinds. They shine like lights in the darkness of a history that includes genocide, racism, and cruelty.

I welcome you to read and learn about this glorious, heroic church that loved the poor, redeemed slaves, preached the Good News to cannibals, hid Jews, cared for the sick, gave birth to true science, medical advances, the growth of education, human dignity, freedom, and many other blessings to humanity.

I also invite you to become part of the Faithful Church! Those who come to Jesus must come to him with humble hearts, knowing that they are sinners and in need of a savior. They must desire to forsake their sins and become new creations. They must receive the covering of their sins by the blood of the Lamb. Once they do this, they are given new life! They become part of the greatest movement in history– empowered with strength and courage they never had before.

This invitation has been given for nearly 2000 years now. So many have answered the call, including the most brilliant minds of history (Newton, Locke, Bacon), the most courageous persons in history (Huss, Tubman, Wilberforce, etc . . .), and the most vile of all persons (Jeffrey Dahmer, Nicky Cruz, John Newton, etc . . .) They all came to Jesus! He has open arms for all who receive what he did for them on the Cross.

Won’t you come to Jesus and become part of the wonderful Faithful Church of history who loves the message of truth found in the Bible?



  1. I have just read “Sentenced to Siberia”, the story of the Ministry, Persecution, Imprisonment and God’s wonderful Deliverance of Pastor Basil Malof, Russian Missionary. He was a wonderful dedicated Christian man. A great inspiration for todays Christian. Was so glad to find an article on your site on him. Thank You


    1. Isn’t it a wonderful story? I never knew God did this amazing work right before the communist revolution. I also loved the story of how Christians shared the Gospel with the Russian soldiers who were held in prison camps after WWI. These soldiers were so blessed they carried the Gospel back into their little homes and villages all over Russia. There are so many wonderful stories of the courage and passion of Christians throughout the ages. I truly love the Body of Christ.


    1. I have 2 posts on Pastor Malof…

      This is a fascinating lost story in the history of Christianity. I was once a social worker at the Salvation Army and I found a signed copy of Pastor Malof’s book in the basement of the branch where I worked. His relationship with Leo Tolstoy and his understanding of the effect of the historical critical movement on Christianity were mentioned in that old book. I feel honored to be able to share it with others.

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  2. Diana, I saw some of your comments over on clubschadenfreude. schadenfreude is a german word that in my view has a dark meaning: “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.” Seems that is the author’s aim in life.

    But. I stopped by to say blessing in all your ventures.

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    1. Awww…..thank you jpound. You found yourself at Clubschadenfreude. That can be a rough place for Christians to venture. I hope it went well for you. I haven’t been there for a while. Thank you for your encouragement! Blessings in Jesus, Diana

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  3. Hi Diana,

    I came across your website while searching for a summary on Hegel. I am an older female student working on a MDiv. I have been browsing and reading bits and pieces of your blogs and books and I have found in you a woman after my own heart. I agree wholeheartedly with your focus and concerns.

    I would like to be able to dialogue with you and share some insights and resources that I have found that corroborate what you have found. You might want to google It is a book written by a Christian professor who traces the wilderness church, the faithful church, from the destruction of Jerusalem down to our age. It is incredible the research he has done.

    Warmest Blessings,
    I live in BC Canada and I am guessing you live in the US. I too have a passion to write books but for now I am trying to get through my degree.


    1. Hi Suzanne! Thank you for your encouraging words. We both love the same Lord. 🙂 I would be happy to dialogue with you! (Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to open the link you provided. Perhaps you could try sending it again.)


      1. Hi Diana,

        I am sorry for the last response to your email. I read it in a hurried moment and then forgot until just now to resend the link to the amazing book about the church in the wilderness, the faithful church, that aligns perfectly with your focus and provides little know history of God’s true church.

        I am so excited to have found your website.

        Warmest Blessings,

        Click to access Truth_Triumphant.pdf


      2. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply! My home is in an upheaval due to some necessary renovations and I’ve been swamped. The link works! I started reading it, but I can’t wait to dive in and spend more time on it. Thank you for sharing.


      3. Hi Diane,

        I am wondering if you were able to read the ebook, Truth Triumphant, and what your response is.

        Warm Blessings,


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