Andy Stanley: Perhaps This Small Group Study Could Be a Way to Equip 19-Year Olds to Respond to the New Atheists.


Update: The following link will now take you to a link on my newest book: FAITHFUL: Defending the History of Bible-Believing Christianity.  I decided to turn the “Small-Group Study” into a book that has questions at the end of each chapter so it can be used as a Bible study.


In response to Andy Stanley’s sermon series entitled “Aftermath,” in which he struggled to formulate a response to the new atheists, I thought I might suggest this little study as a solution:

The Beautiful History of the Faithful Church  (pdf)

The Beautiful History of the Faithful Church: A Response to the New Atheists doesn’t demand that you put any part of the Bible aside, instead I hope it will inspire Bible-believing Christians to stand strong and remain faithful to the Word.

If you have heard . . .

. . . that Christians burned people at the stake, perhaps you will rejoice when you discover that Bible-believing Christians were the primary opponents (and victims) of the Inquisition.

. . . that Christianity was the enemy of science because Galileo went before the Inquisition and was exiled by the church, maybe your faith will be encouraged to know the truth—that Galileo never rejected the Bible, and Christianity was actually the source of the true Scientific Revolution!

. . . that the Bible was the foundation for racism or Southern slavery, then maybe your faith will be encouraged when you discover that the Bible was the basis for abolishing slavery!

. . . that Christians were colonialists and imperialists, and missionaries victimized the darker races, destroying their cultures, you may be amazed at the true stories of evangelical missionaries and their efforts at opposing scientific views on racial superiority.

. . . that fundamentalist Christians were Nazis, you may be interested to learn that the only internally organized opposition to Nazism was the Confessing Church, made up of Bible-believing Christians.

I hope this little study will be useful to equip the saints and encourage them to love the Word.

If you need another type of file, you can contact me at

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