The Faithful Church Changed the World!

World in Darkness

Did you know that before Jesus came into the world there was darkness, cruelty, and terror over the whole earth?  And until the Gospel spread around the world, it remained in darkness?

In Africa, there was tribal warfare, cannibalism, and slavery. The Northern Europeans were barbarians. The Aztecs practiced human sacrifice, slavery, and cannibalism. The Incas worshiped the sun god, practiced cranial deformation, and had tribal warfare. The Mayans practiced human sacrifice (particularly of children). On the Pacific Islands there was also tribal warfare, cruelty, and cannibalism.  In India, the caste system had developed, leaving so many hopeless, and they practiced widow burning (suttee), and infanticide.

The Native Americans also practiced cannibalism and tribal warfare. Some argue that the Druids of England practiced cannibalism. The Phoenicians were known to roast babies alive as sacrifices to their God.  And have we forgotten that those bastions of so-called civilization, the Greeks and Romans, practiced infanticide, slavery, polytheism, aggressive wars, torture, execution, and even blood sport?

These weren’t “noble savages,” as Rousseau claimed; they were savages.

This was the world into which Christ was born. But John declared in John 1:4:

“In him (Jesus) was life, and that life was the light of men.”

This was a fulfillment of the prophecy found in Isaiah 9:2 concerning the Messiah:

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.


Jesus provided the world with a tenderness it hadn’t known before.  As the Gospel spread around the world, those who hungered and thirsted for righteousness, rather than cruelty and suffering, found a resting place in Christianity’s branches. If a tree is to be known by its fruit, as Jesus said, rescuing abandoned children, redeeming slaves, caring for the poor and sick, and opposing poisonous religions such as polytheism and Emperor worship, were all fruits of this tree.

Atheists weren’t the cause of civilized societies that cared for the unlovely, needy, and downtrodden. Atheists didn’t cause  the expansion of education, political freedom, or scientific and medical advances. These great achievements came through the efforts of Bible-believing Christians!


  1. ” before Jesus came into the world there was darkness, cruelty, and terror over the whole earth? ”
    And afterwards? Black death, crusades, concentration camps, genocide, WWI, stalin, Gulags, gas chambers, aids, ebola, just to name a few.
    No improvement then. So what’s your point?


    1. Yes, and these evils were never committed by BIBLE-BELIEVING Christians. They were committed by those who rejected the Bible, or compromised the truth of the Gospel in some way. I hope you can read my posts and tell me where I’m wrong. I’m very open to criticism. 🙂


      1. Have you ignored some items on the list in order to believe that? WWI and the Crusades were fought by dominantly Christian armies. Ebola struck dominantly Christian countries. Cherry picking much?


      2. Germany was influenced by militaristic social Darwinistic views which contributed to WWI. The Bible-believing church of Germany was also overtaken by the historical critical movement. This was a movement that started at Tubingen University and held that science and archaeology held more authority than the scriptures. Unfortunately, it opened them up to believe in Herbert Spencer’s “survival of the fittest” philosophy. The theologian Karl Barth rejected the liberal (non-Bible-believing church) because of their anti-Biblical views. All of this can be Googled.

        The Crusades were fought by armies endorsed by medieval popes—not exactly Bible-believing Christians. The Reformation came about because the medieval church had strayed so far away from the Word of God. This is why Luther pounded his 95 Theses on the door of the Wittenberg Church.

        I think it’s wrong to blame Jesus and his followers for the sins of those who carried the name of God, but rejected the Word of God.

        Diseases are respecters of religions?


  2. Dear Diana, I just stumbled across a page called She Seeks Nonfiction, and read quite a few of your replies to some very stubborn, persistent, and intelligent non-believers. I want to tell you that I admired your calm, source-rich replies to those people! It hurts me to see people so determined to dismiss the obvious truth of the existence of God, and so misinformed of His will for us and His teachings. I myself at one time was not well educated about God’s word, and also felt that it contradicted itself, and that God was a ‘punishing’ and ‘angry’ being. I can only describe it at a childish knowledge – immature and incomplete. (Not to be confused with child-like faith!)

    As I learned more and grew in my knowledge of God’s word, I began to see the depth of it, the wisdom in it, and to understand better the loving character of the Creator! Keep on doing what you are doing. I pray that God uses you and the internet to share His message of Godly love and the Good News!

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