The Fruit of Atheistic Political Ideology: Genocidal Dictatorships


Stalin: At least 50 million dead

Mao: At least 45 million dead

Ho Chi Minh: Nearly 2 million dead

Pol Pot: About 2 million dead

Fidel Castro: over 50,000 dead

Che Guevera: ?

Kim IL Sung: ?

Organized communist atheism was the scourge of the 20th century. Millions died because somebody “imagined” what it would be like with no religion.



  1. Okay, so that’s the ideology of some bad people. Not what I asked though, is it? You said atheism is an ideology and I asked what the content of that is.


    1. Hi Allallt…:) I guess atheism isn’t a system of beliefs, per se, except for the belief that there is no God (which is a belief), but I don’t think atheism is systematized. Its just that those systems of thought that have leaders who reject the truth of the Gospel seem to be particularly violent and murderous. Why is that? Islamic, Catholic, Atheistic, Juche, Buddhist, Enlightenment, even Calvinistic beliefs…anything that doesn’t align itself with the Gospel…produces tyranny and murder.


      1. Can you give me an example of a political system that does align itself with the Gospel?
        (Also, what was the tyranny of the Enlightenment?)


      2. I think the American system of thought tried to align itself with the Gospel. The idea that checks and balances were necessary (Montesquieu) aligned itself with the Gospel message that humans are fallen in nature…”there is none righteous, no not one.” The idea that humans are created, rather than evolved, and that all of us answer to a higher power who has honored us by creating us in his image…making us all something of worth. The idea that false religion is the enemy of freedom…but Jesus is the source of true freedom. (Much of the intellectual basis for religious freedom, such as the writings of Locke and Paine, came from the rejection of the Catholic Inquisitoral powers against evangelicals such as John Huss and William Tyndale). The idea of opposition to monarchies, while promoted by Thomas Paine, was argued on the basis of 1 Samuel where God was upset that Israel wanted a King. The idea that anti-clericalism was good, but anti-God was bad was a direct result of the Great Awakening. Hierarchy in religion was no longer necessary because all believers are now priests and kings because of Jesus. All are equal now. These are just a few of the ways the American government was designed to align with the Gospel. Of course, there have been times America has failed, but we have provided the greatest system of political thought the world has ever known.


      3. Yep…secular America was designed with biblical principles in mind by men such as Montesquieu who declared, “They who assert, that a blind fatality produced the various effects we behold in this world, talk very absurdly; for can any thing be more unreasonable than to pretend that a blind fatality could be productive of intelligent beings?” The concept of checks and balances came from a person who believed there was an intelligent designer.


      4. “I have been asked what I think about the mutual toleration
        of Christians in their different professions of religion; I have
        to answer freely that I regard such toleration as the chief
        identifying mark of the true Church.” The principle of religious toleration was promoted by John Locke, who believed there was a “true church,” but the one defining characteristic of that true church was the willingness to give others religious freedom. He made a convincing argument to those who may have lived under the tyranny of a false church–that they should grant other men freedom of conscience. So, in essence, secularism was the brainchild of those who loved Jesus and his true church.


      5. Atheism may be more of the absence of belief in god(s), although there are indeed some who feel certain that there is no god.

        I saw the title to this post and was a little shocked at first, since “Christianity” isn’t without its blood, and since the OT claims that God himself ordered the genocide of nations, including women and children – sometimes with the demand that they spare the virgin girls of these “wicked nations…” One would have to admit, that is grossly similar to ISIS today.

        But I assume this article is in response to some of the assertions I see about how religions breed genocide, murder and hatred. I can get it.

        Denmark is mostly Atheist, and I don’t think they’re falling into dictatorships or perilous violence – especially when compared to other, predominately religious countries.

        But even so, I suppose these things may not really have any bearing on whether or not they’re true or whether they can be demonstrated to be true.


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