A Musical Christmas Present from My Children

This is the Christmas present I received from my kids…they put the lyrics of a song I wrote to music and ALL of them performed it. My heart is exploding with thankfulness and amazement.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Byc5kypW5idkcnpoU2dMcWxKcUU/view?ts=567d776cfaithful cd cover


Help me to be faithful, Lord.

Help me to love your heart.

My desire is to be true to you;

To give you all of me and not just a part.


Help me to be holy, Lord.

Help me to be set apart.

One in agreement with the Godhead.

Not wanting to break your heart.


Help me to love your Word, Lord.

Help me to keep it pure.

I don’t want to corrupt its truth

It’s the only Rock that will endure.


Help me to receive your grace, Lord.

Help me to trust in it alone.

No work can I add to it

Just faith and faithfulness alone.



For you are my passion. You are my life. I’m devoted to you; and I want to be found FAITHFUL.


Bridge: Forsaking all others. Rejecting their lies. Wanting only to be seen as a pure bride in your eyes.



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