Testimony in a Box

This is the testimony of my precious friend, Joe Boyle.

Thank you, Lord.


Precious Joe’s wife, Cathy, died of colon cancer on Friday, December 12, 2015. Her funeral was held on Friday, December 18, 2015. During Cathy’s funeral Joe suffered an aortic aneurysm and was rushed to surgery. He died a couple days later. It was shocking that Cathy died, but to have Joe die in the same week was almost unbearable. I served communion at their wedding in 1984. Joe’s funeral was on the same day as their 31st wedding anniversary.

Joe and Cathy loved Jesus and served Him with all their hearts. Their funerals were all about Jesus. They were so loved that the local papers did stories on them and how much they impacted our community with their kindness and love. I hope that they will greet me when I pass out of this body and into the next world.

In the meantime, like my little granddaughter Sophie says to me every time I leave . . . “you will be missed.” ❤

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